Saskatchewan is Canada’s garden.  We grow the food that fills millions of tummies world wide.  As with any Saskatchewan event farming is subject to it’s ups and downs because of our whiplash weather.  Hail, snow, excessive rain, drout!  Saskatchewan Crop Insurance protects farmers from the unexpected.

Global Warming on Farming

The effects of the climate changes in the world have had negative impacts everywhere!  They cause sunburns and increased skin cancer, changes in habitat for animals, and a general decrease in air quality world wide.  How does global warming affect agriculture?  Here in Saskatchewan most farmers rely on what they have been past down from generations of teaching rather than fancy technology to keep their crops healthy.  Burning the stubble off the fields, letting rain do the watering and waiting for just the right time to harvest is all a part of the Sask farming lifestyle.  Global warming has its effects on the weather as well as air and rain quality.  Farmers have begun to do their part in preventing further ozone damage and are thinking green.

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance

Sask Crop Insurance is an insurance business that offers quick response to natural disasters (Those hail were big as watermellons!) and provides coverage not elsewhere available.  They have recently updated their building to LEED codes and recieved a silver standing.

The building is designed to use less energy and have a cleaner impact on the atmosphere.  The building is designed to use less energy and ranked a Silver on the  United Nations scale, which is good for Saskatchewan where green living is a realatively new idea!  The building uses the flat roof system to help with their environmental footprint.

I’ll be honest… the amout of information about this new building is very limited and all I know about it really is that its of a Silver Standing… so here are some other ways that my community and YOU can make a green statement!

10 Ways to be GREEN

  1. Walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation.  My school just participated in its annual ‘Walk and Roll’ day where students and staff are encouraged to find alternate means of transportation to school for the day.  Some people even bike in off of farms to take part and then one lucky staff and student get a brand new bike to keep active and environmentally friendly.
  2. Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room or when you’re not using them.
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  4. Go outside rather than sitting indoors watching TV or on the computer
  5. Using a blanket or wearing shorts instead of using heating/cooling
  6. Take shorter showers
  7. Use a refillable water bottle
  8. Make your own cleaning supplies
  9. Borrow instead of buy
  10. Don’t throw things out, donate old toys and clothes to local charities

Those are my tips on keeping


Written by: Kennedy Todosichuk

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