Today we got to Eaton Centre Mall in downtown Toronto and got the chance to check out the new Richtree Market! When we arrived at the market the people there were so welcoming and kind. They immediately welcomed us and took many pictures of us. All the food at the Richtree Market is all natural and made fresh right in front of you. All of us girls had the opportunity to have taco’s or burrito’s for lunch at the new Richtree Taco Truck! It was very cool because there were so many options between beef, chicken, fish, and veggie. They all included very unique things on it as well as certain toppings that were different but it is what made it so tasty. As soon as I stepped up to the truck at the front, they asked me for my name. I thought it was really cool because they had all the girls names under what they ordered as they all punched it into an i-Pad till. I was so overwhelmed on what to order because everything sounded so good. I personally tried the beef burrito, I wanted to try it because the toppings and sauces that were included with it were different and I wanted to try something new. We also each got glass bottles of whatever kind of pop, such as: Sprite, Coke, Diet-Coke, and Canada Dry Ginger Ale. I was so impressed with Richtree’s new Taco Truck and I really enjoyed my choice of burrito, as well as how fresh and natural all the ingredients are. Richtree also gave us free milkshakes/freshly squeezed juice! I loved Richtree Market and I hope to go to it again soon. 🙂 image4 image5 image7



image2Miss Teen Eastern Saskatchewan 2015

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