Hello wonderful people ūüôā

Yesterday (June 11, 2014) marked the anniversary of the Prime Ministers Residential School apology. I, Jolene, helped host a walk “Our Dreams Matter Too” along with Miss First Nations University of Canada, Miss Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and Miss Treaty Four. The walk “Our Dreams Matter Too”¬†is to show how many people support First Nations children receiving the same opportunity to succeed as all other children in ways that respect their cultures and languages.¬†First Nations children get less funding for services like education, health and child welfare than all other children enjoy. This makes it hard for First Nations children to achieve their dreams and grow up proud of who they are. “Our Dreams Matter Too” is a walk and letter writing event supporting culturally based equity for First Nations children. There were more than thirty-five “Our Dreams Matter Too” walks across Canada last year, and over five thousand walkers.

I was glad to be able to support my fellow royalty-princesses with hosting the walk. We had presented a pendleton blanket to one of the founders of Idle No More and a community member we are all familiar with, we handed out balloons to release before we started the walk to remember those who passed on in Residential School and to remember our missing and murdered indigenous women of Canada. We walked around the perimeter of the First Nations University of Canada building four times, as four is a sacred number to First Nations people.

Credits to Creeson Agecoutay and Bill Stevenson Photography for letting me borrow the photos.

On another note, this past weekend (June 7 & 8) I was honored at Painted Hand Casino Powwow in Yorkton, SK with a Blanket Dance. The Blanket Dance was hosted by the powwow committee to help me with my expenses towards my pageant. I want to give them a big thank you as I raised enough money to pay for a plane ticket.

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Hello again all you beautiful people!

Today I made the choice of attending Regina’s North Central Smudge Walk 2014. First of all, let me tell you a little bit about “smudge” and what it means.

Smudging is a ceremonial technique (per say) that involves lighting traditional medicine which will give off a nice, comforting smell/smoke. When you are feeling lonesome, hurt, thankful, gratitude, really any kind of feeling, you can light up a smudge and basically smudge yourself by using your hands to make sure that all the smoke will be in the presence of your body. Then, you pray to kisi-manitou, nohtowenan, the creator/our father. It’s really a way to connect to the creator and to talk one-on-one with him. This is just one way that First Nations people connect to the creator.

So today at the event, I was surprised to see that there was approximately 500 people supporting the cause. If you didn’t know, Regina’s North Central has been stated “Most dangerous place in Canada”. Today, the¬†¬†Regina Aboriginal Professionals Association (RAPA) has brought back the Smudge Walk to the community to not only kick-off National Aboriginal History Month but to also defy the name that North Central has repudiated. This is a organization that believes the people of North Central and other supporters are able to come together to prove others wrong. This is a community with strong leaders and great role models willing to help and give out a giving hand to others who are struggling with drugs and alcohol or prostitution. So with the smudging ceremony, we blessed the streets of North Central. Bringing positive energy into the community and blessing the homes with protection and good prayers.

Today was surely beautiful and I was so happy to be apart of it. I was in front of the walk, riding the back of a truck with other royalty such as Miss First Nations University of Canada and Cowessess Princess. I took tons of pictures, if you want to see them check them out on my Facebook like page at Miss Teenage Eastern SK 2014.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog ūüôā hiy-hiy teniki (thank you)

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Tansi! (Hello) My name is Jolene and I hold the title- Miss Teenage Eastern Saskatchewan 2014.

I am seventeen years old and currently in grade eleven. I attend school on a reserve, Peepeekisis First Nation. I attend school on reserve so I can have a better chance at learning my First Nation language and culture. I am a proud Dakota/Cree woman. I am currently learning the Nehiyaw (Cree) language. I am a self-taught powwow dancer, I dance jingle at powwow celebrations. I come from a family of five, with three older brothers and one little sister. I live with both of my parents, who have been living a sober life for over 20 years. I am thankful for the way my parents have raised us, we were all born in Winnipeg, Manitoba (except my younger sister) and in the year of 1998 we moved to my dads home reserve which is Okanese First Nation. They wanted to raise us away from the city so that we won’t have to witness or be influenced by drugs, alcohol and gangs. Today my two oldest brothers are in post secondary education, my other brother is graduating high school this year and both my parents work. Thanks to my parents for teaching and raising us in a positive manner. Its because of them I am where I am today.

I am very honored to hold the title, Miss Teenage Eastern Saskatchewan 2014. It was quite the experience to attend the provincial competition. It has been my first time attending a beauty pageant, other than that I’ve had the experience competing in a ¬†Powwow Princess pageant. I got second runner-up for Miss First Nations University of Canada (FNUC) 2014. I am so very very excited to see what will happen in Toronto! I can’t wait to see and meet all the delegates ūüôā Im sure we are all busy fundraising and preparing for the big pageant.

Thank you to all my supporters for stopping by and reading my first post! Be sure to like my Facebook page at MissTeenEasternSask. I update a lot on there as well ūüôā

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Good night readers.  Super quick summary of what my day was like:

Woke up bright and early and went to the Toronto Zoo to visit the Panda exibit.¬† There are 2 pandas, a male and a female, that will be at the zoo until 2018.¬† In 5 years they will be transfered to the Calgary zoo for the remainder of their 10 year loan to Canada from China.¬† These are the only panda bears in Canada.¬† FUN FACT: Panda’s only mate for 3 days out of the year… no wonder there are less thatn 1600 of them still in existance.

We went back to the hotel for rehearsals after the Toronto Zoo.  We learnt the remainder of our swimsuit routine and the main dance part to our opening number dance.  We basically practiced for the rest of the day and had a guest speaker from S-Trip come to answer any questions about the trip.  It was pretty cool, really hope that I can go on one of them.  My first choice destination would be one of the tropical destinations, preferably somewhere like the Bahamas where there will be lots of people!

Finally we changed to our cocktail dresses and went to Midieval Times at the Toronto Castle and had an amazing time!  Definately a must see in Toronto!  The food was delicious, the service was amazing and the performance was spectacular!  If you ever have the chance take it!

Now in bed with my roommate and going to sleep!  Will post photos some other time, for now too tired so sleeping!

Life of a pageant delegate means running off adrenaline and not sleeping!  I am taking my doses quite seriously now.

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xoxo- Kennedy

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Good evening readers!  Busy day today as we move forward with our pageant preparations.  Voltaren on my feet and orange juice in my stomach I am now recovering for tomorrows adventures!

We started the day with breakfast once again and the British Columbia, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia girls filmed their entrance videos.   The cool bus had a new bus driver who was amazing!  He was interactive and made us all feel like celebrities.

After breaky we headed over to Union fitness for a Hot Yoga session.¬† I have never felt so relaxed in my life, however it was one of the hardest workouts that I have ever done!¬† The poses are fairly beginner with advanced levels, I tried my hardest but my lack of flexability got the best of me and I’m pretty sure I looked like a monkey trying to swim.¬† I had fun and thats all that matters!¬† Definately reccomend trying out this cool place!¬† Wore out new Hi-Tec runners and looked cute while having awesome foot support.

After our workout we headed back to the hotel for rehearsals.  We learnt the first part of our swimsuit dance and had a blast being taught by the famous choreographer Sean.  The show is going to look amazing thanks to his hard work and passion for his art.  He amazes my by being able to make even girls with 2 left feet look stunning on stage!

We finally finished our day at the Eaton Center Mall.  Garage clothing sponsored each delegate a $50 gift certificate.  I bought a beautiful long sleeve crop top and a high low skirt.  Rocking the beachy summer relaxed style is 100% me and Garage helps me find my own unique style.  We were also sponsored dinner at the Eaton Center food court.  So many places to choose from!  I chose to stick with clasic Subway (missin home a bit) but the other options were endless!  One thing I noticed about Toronto is that there are alot of places to buy gelatto.

Going out with our crowns has been fun.  I was able to meet some adorable young girls, was called a princess, and signed a few autograph cards for them!  We also drew the attention of some young teenage boys too, especially a rugby team traveling to Canada from England!  Those boys were funny.  We took lots of pictures and were approached by many people.

Now off to bed for another super early morning tomorr when we are off to the Zoo to see the pandas and then rehearsals followed by Midevil Times dinner.

Goodnight and once again share, retweet, email and VOTE!

xoxo- Kennedy


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Today was insanely busy!  Not quite sure how we managed to fit it all into one day but we managed!  Here is a quick look at what we did.

3:50 am- wake up and do hair/makeup and get ready for Breakfast Telivison.¬† We loaded the bus and were off by 5:30 in the morning.¬† This was our first time ridinig the charter buses and doing roll call… My number is easy because I am always last!

We arrived at Breakfast Telivision and recorded a very quick segment, we all lined up around the host and she introduced us.  She interviewed a few of the contestants (not me) who had interesting or odd facts about themselves.  Miss Teen Ontatio, Bianca, has a father who is a WWE fighter for example and Mercy speaks 7 languages.  Miss Teen Canada-World Megha was also there and was interviewed quickly.

Following BT we loaded to bus for breakfast which was scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and hashbrowns.  I enjoyed this time because my roommate and I sat with one of my new besties and her roommate and were able to get to know each other better.

Then we ventured to the CN tower!  I love this silly photo of the Saskatchewan girls making funny faces!  Finally we had Danielle with us for a group shot and al  7 girls were together.  We were also selected as the province to showcase the CN tower and did a video of us walking up stairs, posing and then all walking forward together!  It was very fun.

Following the CN Tower we went on a scavenger hunt at the Distillery District.  Although I did not find any of the prizes me and Miss Teen Southern Ontario, Tricia, had fun going to the shops and even shared a red  velvet cupcake!! Too delicious!  I was also fortunate enough to meet one of the computer graphics artists from Gnomeo and Juliet.  Then we had lunch at cafe uno or burgers and fries and loaded the bus once more.

After teh scavenger hunt and lunch we went over to the Yorkdale Mall to use our generously sponsored $50 gift cards from Costa Blanca.  The sales associates were amazing and I wanted to buy everything in the store!  Me and Tricia finally decied on matching black skirts and crop tops that were amazingly cute and matched out eyes.  After we purchaced our clothes we stood outside the doors and took pictures with mall shoppers and had a great time engaging with the public.

Finally our busy day ended with us visiting the New Music Live studio (formerly Much Music) and were on the show as the audiance.  We were able to see some cool beat boxing, rapping and dancing and had a magnificent time being on camera!

I would like to give a special thank you to Costa Blanca for their sponsorship and patience helping 65 girls find outfits, Hi-Tec for delivering our shoes today, and the other places who hosted us!  A group of girls this larege can be hard to handle and we appreciate your patience and over the top accomidations to our schedule!

Now I am chilling in my room repping my hoser.com apparel and preparing for sleep!  Tomorrow we will be working out and I cannot wait to begin choreography for final show!

Goodnight and remember to share, like, retweet,

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Good evening everyone!  Currently blogging at 10:30 local time and need to be out the door by 5:10!  Soooooo I will make this quick!

We began our day at 8:40 (this is sleeping in for MTCW) and went to the buffet for breakfast!  It was very interesting to hear Farren tell us about her job at a race course and her horses!  The buffet was delicious and then we went upstairs to our private floor.

The day was a mush together with no real times for lunch or schedule… only rule was you must finish your photo shoot, video shoot and interview before the day was done.¬† Because the judges showed up before hair and makeup people had arrived a group, including me, was sent back to our rooms do do minimal hair and makeup for our interviews.¬† I chose to do basic browns that matched my interview outfit (sponsored by Memories to Last a Lifetime) and a simple wedding hairstyle consisting of a braided and wrapped bun.

Interview seemed to go on forever!¬† 20 origional girls were taken downstairs to a holding room and we waited¬† until it was our turn… I cannot disclose details of my interview but I feel it went well and the judges were amazing!

After my interview I went back upstairs and had a quick sub for lunch… then strait to hair!¬† I went for loose waves and a beachy look from my stylist and finished shortly after 5.¬† Following hair the photographer needed girls ASAP so I did my¬†own makeup using BBG cosmetics and was approved by the makeup artist¬†(didn’t need fixing) and went to my photoshoot.

At the photoshoot I wore a beautiful yellow dress form Memories to Last a¬†Lifetime and had fun¬†working the camera!¬† I¬†really hope that the images turn out well.¬† My favorite part was when we got to use the fan ūüôā

After photo shoot¬†I changed into a cocktail dress from¬†Bells and Bows Bridal in¬†Lethbridge, altered by¬†Chris¬†from Lethbridge.¬† I had so much fun with my introduction:¬†” Kennedy Todosichuk, 17, Yorkton Saskatchewan” and answering my 3 chosen questions: Why I want to be Miss Teen Canada-World, What my future goals are, and who inspires me.¬† Megha was there to visit and share her experiance!¬† Such a wonderful represntative for Miss Teen Canada 2012 and an amazing person to talk to.¬† Finished off the shoot with some camera like posing and off to walking lessons!

James was doing walking/stance lessons.¬† I was very proud of myself when he chose my stance to demonstrate a ‘nearly perfect’ stance to the other girls.¬†¬†I must give credit to Channing, Miss Teen Canada-World 2010 for teaching my to break my knee and how to hold my feet!¬† It definately¬†feels good knowing that I have improved.

Final silly photo of the night, a group of girls were hanging out and realized our names spelled MASK so we took a picture!

Off to bed for an exciting day tomorrow!¬† Don’t forget to leave comments,¬†share my blog and VOTE for peoples choice.

xoxo- Kennedy

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The first night was full of mingling and meeting all of the other girls… I managed to meet about 1/4 of the girls.¬† It was interesting to see the difference between how I thought each girl’s personality would be based on their online profile to what they actually were!¬† Everyone was super nice, we are all going to make amazing friends!

We had a presentation by Hi-tec Canada who will be giving all of the contestants a new pair of kicks to work out in!  I picked out a pretty pink pair to hit the gym with.  The presenters were amazing and helped us find our perfect pair of shoes while treating us like celebrities and taking our picture with the new shoes!

Golden Glamour Goddesses was also at the hotel demonstating their tanning services.  They are a mobile service that offers spray tans, airbrush makeup, eyelash extensions and hair styling.  The ladies will be returning to the hotel to makeup the contestants at a discounted price and were very knowledgable on their products.

Cookies were provided by PS and were delicous!  A sweet treat for some sweet contestants.  Each girl was given a cookie and a marker to customize their snack.  Of coarse I chose to write my name in the traditional pageant pink!

Free the children was present at our welcome party as Miss Teen Canada-World official charity to answer questions and give us a summary on the five pillars that Free the Children has: alternate income, health care and sanitation, clean water, education, and my favorite: Food Security which works along side Potash Corp to bring agriculture to strugglin communities.

Last but not least Osis hair styling prodects was there representing their products.  As a part of a German based company Osis is only available in salons and is the hair styling product of Miss Teen Canada-World Girls.

And that was my evening!  Looking forward to another busy day tomorrow with our official video shoot, photo shoot and interview!

Keep checking back for updates and don’t forget to vote for me and verify your VIP emails!¬† Also share my blog and pages and encourage your friends and family to VOTE! Open now until July 20!

xoxo- Kennedy

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Hello readers,

Woke up bright an early this morning and headed to the airport to catch my 6:25 flight!  The lines were insanely long and the airport was crazy busy!  I met up with Justine and Danyelle from provincials after we passed security and then grabbed a quick bagel and grapefruit juice and went strait to boarding the plane!

Once on the plane I was pleasantly surprised to see that an old friend, Antonio from Yorkton, happened to be sitting in the seat next to me!  The flight went by fairly quickly with minimal turbulance and I spend the whole ride visiting with Brooklyn- Miss Teen Weyburn-World on my right and Antonio on my left.

After the flight we met up with chaperones at the baggage collection and all of the Saskatchewan girls were able to take the same bus to the hotel.  The chaperones were hillarious!  They told us to call them J-Wow and Snooki and were joking around!  They were really nice and helped us with our (massive) bags!  A girl does need all of her shoes!

Once we arrived at the Holiday Inn we were taken to our rooms and met our roommates.¬† My roommate is Dayna from New Brunswick!¬† She is really cool and nice and has alot of interesting stuff about her home town which is 2 minutes from the USA boarder.¬† I can’t wait to get to know her more and meet all of the other delegates!

Going for registration and supper right away!  Keep checking back for more updates!

xoxo- Kennedy

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