I cannot believe that in the next week I will be competing in Canada’s biggest teen pageant, Miss Teenage Canada 2014 owned by MTC-W Inc. And produced my Michelle Weswaldi. The title Miss Teen Canada is something our parents remember on TV produced by CTV, that was the original along with Miss Canada but today pageants in Canada have changed and there is no longer just one “Teen Canada Pageant”. The original Miss Teen Canada Pageant was called Miss Teenage Canada for the first three years (1969-1971) and re-named Miss Teen Canada in 1972.  It was discontinued after the 1990 pageant. The Miss Teen Canada Pageant was always held in Toronto, Ontario.

In the past couple of years I never have thought I would’ve been able to compete in Canada’s largest teen pageant. This is my first ever pageant and I’m so glad I’ve chosen the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. This is a very huge experience for me. I applied for Miss Teenage Canada because I saw the Facebook page and thought it would something new to try. This is the only pageant to hold provincial pageants, which I’m thankful there was. During the provincial pageant it was all about preparing for the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant but this was a pageant in itself. You have to win the title of your province or own the region you are from in order to move onto the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. From there, the winner of Miss Teenage Canada competes to win the Miss Teen Universe title. The Miss Teenage Canada pageant has the most media exposure because of its celebrity judging panel and celebrity hosts; also it’s the only pageant with the most delegates.

Coming from a small community, this is a big step for me to take. I’ve never lived outside of my home reserve before so I’ve always loved big cities. I enjoy traveling and once I seen that this pageant takes place in Toronto, Ontario (my favourite city) I wanted to register right away 🙂 This has really boosted my confidence and I honestly feel like a celebrity at Powwow celebrations because this gives me the opportunity to go into Grand Entry as Royalty with other Princesses. I’ve been progressing in my public speaking skills and now it just comes naturally. In my First Nation culture it’s very important to use our voice. We are always told from the old people to use our voice whenever we can and to speak from the heart. For so many years us First Nation people have been discriminated and now it is up to us young people to show that we can make Canada a better place. This pageant isn’t to only showcase you as a role model person, but it also helps out kids in need like Free The Children and Cardiac Kids. These are big sponsors for the event and it’s your job as a delegate to fundraise money to go towards these charities.

This has been such a huge experience for me to take in. I have a lot of support from First Nation bands and they’ve helped out a lot in my preparation of the pageant. I encourage all young ladies to consider entering the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant 2015 and so forth. You’ll experience a lot and especially learn a lot about yourself that you didn’t know you could do, like walking in heels, dancing in heels, interview prep, making lifelong friends and improving your public speaking skills. Best of all, you don’t need experience at all when you enter this pageant which is great!

If I were to win the Miss Teenage Canada title, I would definitely do my best to encourage youth to enter pageants and to motivate them to live a healthy life style by going to events and reserves to speak publicly. I would for sure travel all across North America to represent my title at Powwow Celebrations. I would love to connect more with at risk youth to help lead them to a positive lifestyle. I know I’d love entering in parades, speaking at events, performing, traveling, and volunteering for numerous charities and fundraisers. I’d do whatever I can to represent my title wherever I go if I were to win the Miss Teenage Canada 2014 title.

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