Hello everyone my name is Shayna and I am Miss Teenage Eastern Saskatchewan 2015. I am SUPER excited to be apart of such an amazing experience. Now let me tell you how this all started. My mom’s friend seen a post on Facebook about the Miss Teen Saskatchewan pageant and immediately told me to apply. So I thought, sure, whats the worst that can happen? I filled out the online application and then got an interview with the director, Michelle. She asked me a couple questions about myself that were easy enough to answer. I was pretty nervous at the time, and waited patiently for the email regarding my entrance. The first word that I seen on the e-mail was “Congratulations!” I got in and I was so excited, but also nervous. I knew that it was now crunch time as I only had five days to prepare for the pageant. When my mom and I arrived in Saskatoon on Friday, we went straight to the mall, because I had to find a new bikini to wear on stage as well as sparkly silver high heels. It was quite hard to find a pair of heels that I thought would be o-k to walk in, as I have NEVER walked in heels. I am 5’10” and tower over many people so I find no reason for me to wear them. Anyways, when I found the pair that were my favourite, they were also the highest! Those beauties were about 5-6″ in height, now thats just crazy! Even though I might have not been the best at walking in heels off the start, I sure improved and can almost call my self a heel-walking master! (ok, not really but pretty close :)) Even though my feet were practically bleeding from the heels from wearing them ALL day I had so much fun! Have you ever performed a full fast-pace dance in heels? Just that is an accomplishment of itself (hehe). I spent two days with the most amazing girls possible and am happy to call them my friends. On the day of the pageant, I was pretty nervous because I thought I would just freeze in front of all those people, but honestly, it was the complete opposite. In front of just the girls practicing, I was WAY more nervous then I was in front of that big crowd. I felt like I was just shining on stage, I felt like I can accomplish so many things. When it was time for crowning, my heart was pounding, not just for me, but for the other girls as well, I was sad for my friends that weren’t getting crowned and happy for the ones who were. When my name was announced, I nearly started crying. I was in total shock and disbelief that it was hard to contain myself. Here I was, standing on stage with the most beautiful crown on my head going to nationals! I am very excited to go to Toronto to represent my region as well as my province. Thank-you for following my journey 🙂

Miss Teen Eastern Saskatchewan 2015
Written by: Shayna

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