Good night readers.  Super quick summary of what my day was like:

Woke up bright and early and went to the Toronto Zoo to visit the Panda exibit.  There are 2 pandas, a male and a female, that will be at the zoo until 2018.  In 5 years they will be transfered to the Calgary zoo for the remainder of their 10 year loan to Canada from China.  These are the only panda bears in Canada.  FUN FACT: Panda’s only mate for 3 days out of the year… no wonder there are less thatn 1600 of them still in existance.

We went back to the hotel for rehearsals after the Toronto Zoo.  We learnt the remainder of our swimsuit routine and the main dance part to our opening number dance.  We basically practiced for the rest of the day and had a guest speaker from S-Trip come to answer any questions about the trip.  It was pretty cool, really hope that I can go on one of them.  My first choice destination would be one of the tropical destinations, preferably somewhere like the Bahamas where there will be lots of people!

Finally we changed to our cocktail dresses and went to Midieval Times at the Toronto Castle and had an amazing time!  Definately a must see in Toronto!  The food was delicious, the service was amazing and the performance was spectacular!  If you ever have the chance take it!

Now in bed with my roommate and going to sleep!  Will post photos some other time, for now too tired so sleeping!

Life of a pageant delegate means running off adrenaline and not sleeping!  I am taking my doses quite seriously now.

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xoxo- Kennedy

Written by: Kennedy Todosichuk

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