Good evening readers!  Busy day today as we move forward with our pageant preparations.  Voltaren on my feet and orange juice in my stomach I am now recovering for tomorrows adventures!

We started the day with breakfast once again and the British Columbia, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia girls filmed their entrance videos.   The cool bus had a new bus driver who was amazing!  He was interactive and made us all feel like celebrities.

After breaky we headed over to Union fitness for a Hot Yoga session.  I have never felt so relaxed in my life, however it was one of the hardest workouts that I have ever done!  The poses are fairly beginner with advanced levels, I tried my hardest but my lack of flexability got the best of me and I’m pretty sure I looked like a monkey trying to swim.  I had fun and thats all that matters!  Definately reccomend trying out this cool place!  Wore out new Hi-Tec runners and looked cute while having awesome foot support.

After our workout we headed back to the hotel for rehearsals.  We learnt the first part of our swimsuit dance and had a blast being taught by the famous choreographer Sean.  The show is going to look amazing thanks to his hard work and passion for his art.  He amazes my by being able to make even girls with 2 left feet look stunning on stage!

We finally finished our day at the Eaton Center Mall.  Garage clothing sponsored each delegate a $50 gift certificate.  I bought a beautiful long sleeve crop top and a high low skirt.  Rocking the beachy summer relaxed style is 100% me and Garage helps me find my own unique style.  We were also sponsored dinner at the Eaton Center food court.  So many places to choose from!  I chose to stick with clasic Subway (missin home a bit) but the other options were endless!  One thing I noticed about Toronto is that there are alot of places to buy gelatto.

Going out with our crowns has been fun.  I was able to meet some adorable young girls, was called a princess, and signed a few autograph cards for them!  We also drew the attention of some young teenage boys too, especially a rugby team traveling to Canada from England!  Those boys were funny.  We took lots of pictures and were approached by many people.

Now off to bed for another super early morning tomorr when we are off to the Zoo to see the pandas and then rehearsals followed by Midevil Times dinner.

Goodnight and once again share, retweet, email and VOTE!

xoxo- Kennedy


Written by: Kennedy Todosichuk

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