Today was insanely busy!  Not quite sure how we managed to fit it all into one day but we managed!  Here is a quick look at what we did.

3:50 am- wake up and do hair/makeup and get ready for Breakfast Telivison.  We loaded the bus and were off by 5:30 in the morning.  This was our first time ridinig the charter buses and doing roll call… My number is easy because I am always last!

We arrived at Breakfast Telivision and recorded a very quick segment, we all lined up around the host and she introduced us.  She interviewed a few of the contestants (not me) who had interesting or odd facts about themselves.  Miss Teen Ontatio, Bianca, has a father who is a WWE fighter for example and Mercy speaks 7 languages.  Miss Teen Canada-World Megha was also there and was interviewed quickly.

Following BT we loaded to bus for breakfast which was scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and hashbrowns.  I enjoyed this time because my roommate and I sat with one of my new besties and her roommate and were able to get to know each other better.

Then we ventured to the CN tower!  I love this silly photo of the Saskatchewan girls making funny faces!  Finally we had Danielle with us for a group shot and al  7 girls were together.  We were also selected as the province to showcase the CN tower and did a video of us walking up stairs, posing and then all walking forward together!  It was very fun.

Following the CN Tower we went on a scavenger hunt at the Distillery District.  Although I did not find any of the prizes me and Miss Teen Southern Ontario, Tricia, had fun going to the shops and even shared a red  velvet cupcake!! Too delicious!  I was also fortunate enough to meet one of the computer graphics artists from Gnomeo and Juliet.  Then we had lunch at cafe uno or burgers and fries and loaded the bus once more.

After teh scavenger hunt and lunch we went over to the Yorkdale Mall to use our generously sponsored $50 gift cards from Costa Blanca.  The sales associates were amazing and I wanted to buy everything in the store!  Me and Tricia finally decied on matching black skirts and crop tops that were amazingly cute and matched out eyes.  After we purchaced our clothes we stood outside the doors and took pictures with mall shoppers and had a great time engaging with the public.

Finally our busy day ended with us visiting the New Music Live studio (formerly Much Music) and were on the show as the audiance.  We were able to see some cool beat boxing, rapping and dancing and had a magnificent time being on camera!

I would like to give a special thank you to Costa Blanca for their sponsorship and patience helping 65 girls find outfits, Hi-Tec for delivering our shoes today, and the other places who hosted us!  A group of girls this larege can be hard to handle and we appreciate your patience and over the top accomidations to our schedule!

Now I am chilling in my room repping my apparel and preparing for sleep!  Tomorrow we will be working out and I cannot wait to begin choreography for final show!

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Written by: Kennedy Todosichuk

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