Day 1
The plane ride from Regina to Toronto was awesome! I had the same flight as Miss Teenage Southern Saskatchewan, Amanda Walsh. Im so glad I wasnt entirely alone. We arrived safely and hungry in Toronto! We met some girls who arrived earlier and pretty much waited until everyone got to the hotel. During the evening we all met our wonderful sponsors… Motives by loren ridinger who gave us all a free demo of their wonderful, mineral makeup! Golden Glamour Goddesses is a sponsor for Miss Teenage Canada 2014 and they provide the spray tans and eyelash extensions which are B-E-A-utiful! Wright Spa is another sponsor that had two wonderful employees that gave us back massages that night! Also Hi-Tec Footwear which provided all the delegates FREE sandals!
Day 2
This day was an early start for prepping for the video shoot, photo shoot and interview! Hair and Makeup done by Motives made us all wonderfully beautiful for the rest of the day. I cannot believe how long it took to get through all 56 delegates to each do their judging for video, photo and interview! All in all, it was worth it to get this all done and over with. This day we actually all got the chance to meet new friends quick because of all the waiting we had to do!
Day 3
This was the day we were all in zombie mode by 12pm! Our day consisted of getting up at 4am (or earlier for others) to get ready for Breakfast Television at 6:20am. It was quite the experience, not only to be on TV but to experience what a pageant is really about… Early morning beautifying! Omg I swear I took my sleep for granted the whole week I prepped before boarding the plane! After doing BT we all came back to the hotel to do hair tutorials with Schwarzkopf Professional 🙂 Anyways this day was awesome because not only did we do BT & learned how to do hair, we also went to Yorkdale Mall and got treated V.I.P and did a shopping spree at one of our sponsors Bench! <3 big thank you to Bench for being a sponsor for Miss Teenage Canada 2014 pageant!
Day 4
Today we were up at 5am to get prepped for another television segment! All the delegates were wanted at Global News Toronto and National! This time it was different from BT, even though it was a later time (thank god!) it was set up as if we were Top 5… Which they picked a name and question for the delegates to answer on LIVE! TV. My name was drawn for the National News segment and was asked “What is the biggest obstacle you faced and what did you do to over come it?” And I answered “This pageant is the biggest obstacle I faced by far, coming from a First Nations background it is really hard to overcome certain obstacles especially here where you need to compete… Im just really determined to be the first Indigenous woman to be crowned Miss Teenage Canada.” And the news reporter said good luck to me and thanked me! Ahhh its still so hard to believe I was on national television! 😀 after that we came to our hotel for breakfast and then left to the CN Tower which was probably the best experience for me by far! We went to the top and took pictures every where! The elevator ride was soooo exciting! Did you know it takes an average human to get to the top from the stairs 40-45 minutes? And the record is at 7 minutes! This late afternoon we were at the Eaton Centre and did some shopping and grabbed a bite to eat! Definitely felt like a celebrity there! Then tonight we had done rehearsals!
Im so nervous and excited at the same time for preliminaries on Thursday! Im looking forward for Friday to do my talent! 😉 for pictures go to my facebook!

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