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I have been crazy busy these past few weeks so here is a quick update on how things have been going in the world of Miss Teen Eastern Saskatchewan:

First I was doing a photo shoot for a new local business!  Hoser has always been a Canadian word and a local business man trade marked the word.  He is now soon to be launching a clothing line on his website.  The site will be launching shortly so keep and eye out for my first official modeling job.  It was so much fun working with the 3 other girls and 2 guys who were also part of the shoot including former Miss Teen Yorkton-World 2011!

I have also been making appearances at the Yorkton Girl guides!  I visited some of their group meetings and went to their wake-a-thon.  I talked to the girls about the importance of friendship, seeing the best in others, making good first impressions, and how to pay it forward!  The girls were so nice and one even told me that I was her role model.  That comment was the best thing that I have ever heard and she really is the reason that I do what I do.

Lastly, (aside from the millions of other things going on) I was able to join the other Saskatchewan delegates in Saskatoon to do a photo shoot for out Pageant on the Prairies Calendars.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a calendar leave a comment and I’ll help you get one!

The photo shoot was super fun.  We started off at the U of S campus and took photos in cocktail dresses.

Then we moved onto the hotel where we did evening gowns which were sponsored by Exquisite Fashions in Saskatoon.

Finally we went over to the pool where we got some fun summer shots!  There was a birthday party going on and it was fun watching the youngsters wave at us.

Be sure to check out all of the other Miss Teen Saskatchewan Finalists as well:

top: Justine, Danyelle, Bottom: Jessy, Tara, Brookelyn, Jillian, Kennedy

Jillian Martin Miss Teen Saskatchewan, Justine Farago Miss Teen South Central, Danyelle Dreger Miss Teen Regina, Jessy Palancius Miss Teen Western, Brookelyn Rinas Miss Teen Weyburn and Tara Mignon Miss Teen Southern

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