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Woke up bright an early this morning and headed to the airport to catch my 6:25 flight!  The lines were insanely long and the airport was crazy busy!  I met up with Justine and Danyelle from provincials after we passed security and then grabbed a quick bagel and grapefruit juice and went strait to boarding the plane!

Once on the plane I was pleasantly surprised to see that an old friend, Antonio from Yorkton, happened to be sitting in the seat next to me!  The flight went by fairly quickly with minimal turbulance and I spend the whole ride visiting with Brooklyn- Miss Teen Weyburn-World on my right and Antonio on my left.

After the flight we met up with chaperones at the baggage collection and all of the Saskatchewan girls were able to take the same bus to the hotel.  The chaperones were hillarious!  They told us to call them J-Wow and Snooki and were joking around!  They were really nice and helped us with our (massive) bags!  A girl does need all of her shoes!

Once we arrived at the Holiday Inn we were taken to our rooms and met our roommates.  My roommate is Dayna from New Brunswick!  She is really cool and nice and has alot of interesting stuff about her home town which is 2 minutes from the USA boarder.  I can’t wait to get to know her more and meet all of the other delegates!

Going for registration and supper right away!  Keep checking back for more updates!

xoxo- Kennedy

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  1. Nana and Papa says:

    You go girl…sounds great

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